Monday, September 20, 2021

Gyms are reopening but if you’re still a bit nervous about going back and still want to feel the burn of a total body workout routine, without having to get near people, then have no fear.

Here AT DIETS2GO, WE HAVE A FEW OUTDOOR EXERCISES THAT YOU CAN DO, without the need for equipment or a personal trainer! These outdoor exercises will challenge your whole body, including cardio workouts and high-intensity interval training. By the end of these bodyweight exercises, you’ll forget you ever used to go to the gym and your mental well being will be through the roof!


An equipment lite OUTSIDE WORKOUT ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT A SERIES OF GLUTE BUSTING SQUATS! After a mildly intense warm-up, you want to crack straight on with a few sets of squats. For proper form, keep your feet shoulder length apart, maintain a straight back and don’t put your hands on your legs when squatting – they’ll thank you!


This one is a real endurance booster and a perfect outside workout. The starting point is a high plank position where your body weight is distributed evenly. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart as should your legs. Begin by lifting your left knee to your upper body, return it and then do the same with your right knee. Do this AT AN INSANE INTENSITY IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, SAY AROUND 20 SECONDS FOR THE SET, brief rest and then go again for 30 seconds.


Old faithful, the humble press up tests even the hardiest of gym-goers and is an ideal exercise to put into your outdoor workout. For the starting position, be in a plank with your arms straight and not at a 90-degree angle. Then, SLOWLY LOWER YOUR ENTIRE BODY TO THE FLOOR UNTIL YOUR ELBOWS ARE JUST ABOUT TO TOUCH THE FLOOR before raising your body back up making sure to not lock your arms. Proper form is important here, your legs should be straight as should your back.


Another great outdoor workout, all you need to do ski-sits is a flat wall. Standing with your back to it, SLOWLY WALK YOUR FEET OUT UNTIL YOU FIND YOURSELF AT A 90-DEGREE ANGLE (imagine your sitting on a chair that isn’t there). This leg and glute strengthening workout is fantastic, hold that position for a short amount of time, say 20 seconds and then repeat it 2 or 3 times, extending the length of time you’re in that position each time.


A real PUNISHER OF AN EXERCISE BUT ONE OF THE BEST OUTDOOR WORKOUTS THAT CAN BE DONE with zero equipment. Lie down with your upper arms and elbows on the ground at 90-degree angles and your legs fully extended, with your feet on their tiptoes. Then hold this pose for at least 30 seconds a time. Make sure that with each plank you do you’re engaging your core (a fancy word for tensing your stomach and glutes), you’ll soon feel the burn. If you don’t hate planks by the end of it you’re doing it wrong.


And finally, AS EFFECTIVE OUTSIDE WORKOUTS GO, RUNNING, JOGGING OR EVEN WALKING ARE UP THERE WITH THE BEST of them. Regular cardio as part of a fitness routine will drastically improve your fitness level. Don’t worry about timings or distance, just stand up, lace up your trainers and push yourself each time.


We hope these outdoor workouts will help you on your way to feeling fitter. If you’re struggling with the diet side of fitness however, why not check out our range of meals and see how we can help you in your quest for fitness!

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