Thursday, June 3, 2021

Keeping on the right track towards your fitness goals takes a lot of focus, determination and drive. This is especially true in this unprecedented and difficult time that we live in.

The effects of the global pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed may have caused disruption to your usual fitness or gym routine.

This can halt progress towards your goals, particularly if you’re trying to build muscle. One thing that can definitely help you stay on track is your diet and having a food prep schedule in place. WITH A FOOD PREP SERVICE SUCH AS DIETS 2 GO, YOU CAN GET ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS AND GOOD STUFF NEEDED TO HELP YOU BUILD MUSCLE, delivered directly to your door.


There are many BENEFITS TO HAVING A MEAL PREP SERVICE – besides the fact you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to obtain high-quality muscle-building food.

You will eat more healthy food and less empty calories.

There is less temptation to cheat on your diet.

No more stress preparing meals.

More time on your hands.

Save money on food shopping.

Of course, having a food meal prep service will also help you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. Carry on reading to see how it can help with specific areas of muscle building.


The concept behind losing weight is very simple – move around more and eat less. Luckily, with a food prep service in place you don’t have to worry about what you eat, as that will all be taken care of on your behalf.

You can concentrate on your exercises and fitness regime and looked forward to freshly prepared meals such as Meatballs and Arrabiata Pasta, which is gluten free and contains only 366 calories. You can also indulge on Jerk Chicken and Wedges, which is just under 300 calories and contains only 3.5g of fat. These low calorie, low fat dishes are delicious and will help you accelerate your weight loss.


Strength training, cutting calories, portion control and healthy fats are all important if you really want to get shredded. A meal prep service will take care of your portion sizes, ensuring you get enough fuel for your workouts and muscle building regime.

Jerk Chicken Noodles contain just over 300 calories and only 6.9g of healthy fats, making it the perfect post-work out treat. Our Buffalo Wedges are also a great choice if you’re looking to get shredded, offering only 361.2 calories and 2.8g of fat.


Want to get bigger but not too big? Gaining lean mass is all about eating the right amount of protein, without any of the nasty calories. Protein is a key component of muscle building, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables. Ideally, you should avoid eating carbs before you work out.

Try our Steak Mince and Fajita Pasta with 35g of protein and only 356.9 calories – the perfect lean mass building meal! Or take a look at our Buffalo Noodles instead, truly delicious with 50g of protein and only 350 calories.


If you want to gain extreme mass then you should ideally be eating at least three meals a day. Using a food prep service will take away the stress and time of having to buy, prepare and cook the ingredients required for your mass-gaining meal plan. You need plenty of protein and more calorie intake to keep you energetic and motivated, as well as small amounts of carbohydrate.

With this in mind, you should try our Chicken Thigh Curry with White Rice. This will settle your hunger, entice your tastebuds and help rebuild those muscle fibres! It contains 415 calories and over 30g of protein. You should also try the protein packed Soy Glazed Thighs with Butternut Squash, with 42g of protein and only 373 calories.


Check out our full menu for more ideas, or for more information you can read about how our meal prep service works. We can freshly prepare and customise your meals according to your fitness goals and macros. Simply place an order online now or contact us to find out more.