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Though most people have come across the term ‘halal’ before, many people that do not follow Islam might be unfamiliar with what it means.

Though most people have come across the term ‘halal’ before, many people that do not follow Islam might be unfamiliar with what it means. Therefore, here is a quick, simplified rundown of the basics of halal for non-Muslims, followed by the ways in which Diets2Go can cater to those who follow a halal-friendly diet. 


The term ‘halal’ is an Arabic word that can be translated into English as meaning ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’. It is used to describe any action or object that is permissible for use or allowed to be engaged in by those who follow the Islam faith. It contrasts with the opposing term, ‘haram’, which means prohibited or unlawful. 

Though it is a universal term that can be used to describe a multitude of things, the term halal is most commonly associated with food, especially meat. At its simplest, halal food is a dietary standard that is set out in the Muslim scripture, the Quran.

Therefore, to ‘keep halal’ is to ensure that you are only eating the foods that adhere to the laws of Islam. Foods that are considered halal, according to scripture, include:

  • ‘Game of water’ - including fish and some other seafood. (Quran 5:96) However, it is important to note that the Hanafi madhhab differs on this, considering crocodiles, crabs, lobsters, and molluscs to be haram. Some scholars also consider prawns and shrimp to not be halal.
  • Food hunted by trained animals and birds. (Quran 5:4)
  • Food of other religious people - Muslims can eat the food blessed by Jews and Christians, and vice versa. (Quran 5:5)

When it comes to meat, all pork products are considered haram, and all other meat products have to be certified as halal. Whether it is considered ‘halal meat’ depends on its method of slaughter, and whether it is a predatory animal. In other words, animals such as lions, tigers, and birds of prey are forbidden for consumption, whereas other animals must be slaughtered using the dhabīḥah method. It is worth noting that this ritual animal slaughter does not apply to most aquatic animals. 

***At this point, we would like to give our readers a trigger warning for the mention of blood and butchering methods. If you want to learn about what makes meat halal then read on, if not then skip to the next section!***

The dhabīḥah method of slaughter has to fulfil several conditions. Firstly, the animals must be killed by a Muslim, Christian, or Jew, whilst they mention the name of God. Secondly, the animal must not see the blade, be able to smell any blood of other slaughtered animals, or be made to suffer unnecessarily such as by stunning, as every life is significant. In short, it is considered to be a humane way of killing animals. 

Therefore, halal meat must be killed by the butcher calling on the name of God for taking a life, before having its throat quickly slit with a very sharp knife. After this, the carcass must be hung upside down until it has drained all of its blood.  

Diets2Go are committed to catering to every dietary preference and requirement, including healthy halal-friendly meals 

HERE AT DIETS 2 GO WE ARE COMMITTED TO CATERING FOR ALL DIETS and making healthy meals that can be accessible for everyone. It is very important for all food suppliers to understand the concept of halal and dedicate themselves to catering to Muslims. 

When it comes down to it, halal is a religious requirement for Muslims, and so it is our duty to make sure that everyone has the freedom to access what they need. Not only this, but halal foods have benefits for those who don’t follow Islam too, as the meat is often higher quality and a better source of lean proteins. 

After all, deciding to have a healthier diet or focussing on bodybuilding is not exclusive to just one religion! Thus, we make sure that our food is halal so that we can help Muslims and everyone else of all religions to reach their diet goals and get bodybuilding meal prep with food that is perfectly tailored to their needs. 


Here at Diets2Go, our STRINGENT FOOD PREPARATION PROCESSES ensure that we are able to properly cater to halal prep needs. We only use fresh, healthy and halal ingredients to create delicious halal-friendly meals. We do not use any haram ingredients in our food. 

ALL OUR MEAT IS HALAL, and we always ensure that we only use reliably sourced halal ingredients, including halal meat and halal chicken breast. 

Our delicious halal meats and stringent food hygiene assure our customers that we properly cater to halal needs.  


As everything on our menu is halal, Diets2Go offers a wide range of halal meal prep ideas to suit all tastes. 

This blackened Cajun chicken is a very popular dish that is available on our halal meal plan, due to it being one of our higher protein meals. Succulent Halal chicken breasts are infused with the flavours of deep Louisiana, served on a bed of classic fried rice. 

Another favourite dish of our halal-friendly meals is the chipotle honey glazed salmon. Marinated for 48 hours in our signature glaze, this fish dish really packs a punch. We oven bake it before finishing on the flat grill, serving atop simply dressed noodles.

For a healthy halal meal that is an absolute British classic, how about our leaner take on the full English breakfast? Instead of the haram pork products, we use halal chicken chorizo sausages, paired with fluffy eggs, roasted thyme mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, and beans. 

With our halal food delivery, you can enjoy the healthier take on a pancake stack, packed full of protein, perfect for starting the day off guilt-free. Enjoy hot or cold with Greek yoghurt and organic manuka honey for the perfect combination of sharp and sweet. 

Buffalo is renowned for its high amount of lean protein, perfect for those looking to cut fat, body build, or lose weight. The buffalo is lightly seasoned and grilled, accompanied by spiced potato wedges and vibrant vegetables. 

Jerk chicken is one of the fabulous, fresh recipes that are the bread and butter of Jamaican food culture! And here it features in one of our healthy halal recipes too. Halal chicken thighs are drenched in our secret jerk sauce, finished off on the flame grill. Paired with grilled plantain and charlotte potatoes, this dish is warm, nourishing, and mouth-watering.


There are many benefits of getting healthy, well-balanced meals from our meal prep delivery services. Not only will we make sure that every portion-controlled healthy meal plan option has low calories per meal, but our delicious meal plans offer an exciting and varied food menu that contributes towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Diets2Go can cater all our HALAL-FRIENDLY MEAL PREP SERVICES TO SUIT ALL DIET GOALS, be it WEIGHT LOSSCUTTING FATBODYBUILDING MEALSHEALTHY MEALS, or PERHAPS YOU JUST SIMPLY DON’T HAVE TIME TO COOK EVERY DAY. Everything is perfectly portioned and cooked onsite fresh to order by our chefs, reducing food wastage that can be harmful to the environment. 


If you would like to learn more about our processes or simply would like more reassurance and information about how our meals are halal-friendly, then GET IN TOUCH WITH DIETS2GO TODAY. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable chefs are always on hand and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

And, once you are ready, try out some of the food yourself and ORDER MEAL PREP FROM DIETS2GO. Choose between two to five meals per day, for either five, six or seven days per week for perfectly portioned meals suitable for halal diets whilst also reducing food wastage. 

Not only do we cater for halal diets, but we can also tailor your meals to be PESCATARIAN, vegetarian, or VEGAN, and for allergies such as gluten and dairy. For more information about how we cater for allergens and dietary preferences, GET IN TOUCH TODAY