Friday, June 4, 2021

With everyone stuck at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, gym memberships have plummeted and quite frankly, we're feeling a little sluggish.

So, to get us all moving we've got a few home workout routines that are full of simple exercises to improve your strength and cardio that you can do in your living room while watching Netflix or the latest thing you're binging on Amazon Prime Video.

They're all super quick, easy home workouts that will target those pesky weak spots, increase your heart rate, get the blood pumping and are perfect to fit into your daily schedule. So with all that in mind here are some ultimate no-nonsense workout programmes that are packed with bodyweight exercises, meaning you won't need any equipment. We'd advise you try and complete 3 sets of each exercise over a 30 minute period.

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The classic, it might be simple but by gosh is it effective! For your starting position lie on your back with your feet planted on the floor and bring your heels toward your bum. To take full advantage, don't tuck your feet under a chair, table or bed. IF YOU'RE NEW TO SIT-UPS AIM FOR 15-20. IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A LOT BUT IF YOU DO IT EFFECTIVELY AND IN A CONTROLLED MANNER YOU'LL ABSOLUTELY START TO FEEL THE BURN. Once you've got comfortable with 15-20, try aiming for 50. Sit-ups are a great exercise for core strength and should be a part of anyone's workout plan.


Time to get the cardio in! For at least a minute make sure you raise your hands over your head each time and get your legs out to around shoulder width. A minute might not seem a long time but if done properly JUMPING JACKS ARE A GREAT WAY OF GETTING YOUR HEART RATE UP. After a brief pause, go again for another minute and then look to extend by 30 seconds or so each time. Jumping jacks are also a great thing to add to a warm-up routine because they don't need a lot of space to be performed properly.


The ultimate bodyweight exercise for your glutes! MAKE SURE YOUR UPPER BACK IS STRAIGHT AND YOU ARE EVER SO SLIGHTLY TURNED OUT, DROP DOWN USING CONTROLLED MOVEMENTS TO KNEE HEIGHT THEN BACK UP - this counts as 1 rep. To start, do 2 sets of 10 and then as ever work your way up. For a more advanced workout programme, YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER SQUAT JUMPS. Squat jumps are when you bend your knees (keeping those back muscles nice and straight at all times), tuck your arms in, then spring off the floor, making sure to straighten your legs before landing in a squat position once again. To target more specific muscles throw in an added twist so that you land facing the opposite direction.


The absolute best exercise for bodyweight workouts, toning and an essential part of any home workout program or workout session, regardless of whether you're at a gym or not. THE STARTING POSITION FOR PLANK EXERCISES BEGINS BY ENSURING YOU'RE RESTING ON YOUR ELBOWS AND TOES, KEEPING YOUR BACK, LEGS AND UPPER BODY STRAIGHT... then hold for one minute. You're certainly not going to be in your happy place while you're in the plank position but it is super effective! If you make sure you've got good form, you're going to work your abdominal muscles and upper back. The plank exercise is just one of many great strengthening exercises you can do.


Another cardio workout and one of the best exercises you can do to get the heart rate up. TIME YOURSELF FOR ONE MINUTE AND JOG ON THE SPOT FOR THAT LONG ENSURING YOU'RE LIFTING YOUR LEFT AND RIGHT KNEE AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE.


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