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Many people know that they need to take action to improve their health and nutrition, such as increasing their activity levels, training more often and improving their diet, but our hectic lifestyles often get in the way. You might be left thinking "who has the time?" Well, we do!

Here at Diets2Go, we offer plenty of meal prep options made with fresh ingredients, to help you smash your weight loss goals or diet plan . From meat to fish dishes, vegan options, and choices for breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinners, our healthy options all change seasonally to ensure there's never any dullness in your diet. Each selected meal undergoes strict specification checks by our expert chefs, ensuring that every mouthful will be nothing shy of perfect.

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You can enjoy a range of meals with no hassle at all. With our easy delivery options, you can have food ready to eat in minutes! From comfort food classics to jerk chicken, barbequed jackfruit, cajun style prawns, prime slow-cooked topside and succulent fish, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. You can even add a variety of vegetables, garnishes, sides and condiments to make your dish extra special. Feel free to customise your order, by ingredient or by macros, by emailing the team at info@diets2go.co.uk. Any intolerances - such as wheat, gluten or dairy - and allergies can be noted during the order process to ensure that the nutritious food you receive meets your every need. Our food is also halal thanks to our local Bolton supplier, and a certificate can be provided upon request if you need it.

Our service is extremely flexible, so it can always be tailored to meet your preferences. By selecting from our range of food to fit your goals, to choosing how often you'd like to receive your prep, your plan can be tailored exactly to your needs. To get started, all you need to do is pick from our plans and select how many meal preps you'd like - you'll be able to edit this over the weeks if needed. Then, you can get started with the exciting part - selecting which food you'd like! To complete your order, you'll simply log in to your account , fill out your delivery details and then head to the checkout, where you can apply any discount codes you have. Pop in your payment details and you'll soon have healthy meals delivered straight to your door - healthy eating has never been so easy!

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We are passionate about making healthy options accessible to everyone through our service. If, like many others, you struggle to find the time to prepare fresh fitness food, our wide selection of meals are a convenient and cost-effective option for you. And better still, we offer FREE nationwide meal delivery service! That's right - you can have our healthy diet meals delivered to wherever you are in the UK. Deliveries will be made twice a week, and you'll receive an estimated delivery time slot on the day so you know when to expect your order. All of our food will arrive fresh, labelled and packaged, ready for fridge storage and microwave heating if required. Your macros, such as carbs and protein, and calories will be labelled according to your order so you can stay on track.

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Our mission is: To perpetuate health through nutrition, accessibility and unrivalled production. Whilst prevailing in ultimate empowerment of body and personal prosperity.

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Being healthy doesn't have to break the bank. Our pricing is extremely competitive - our delicious meals work out cheaper than most fast food choices. With prices you can afford to pay, it'll be easy to make ordering our meal prep a healthy habit! With nutritious, balanced meals that are seasoned and cooked to perfection, not only can we help you to achieve your health and fitness goals , but you'll enjoy delicious food that doesn't compromise great taste with our healthy meal delivery.

Being unique isn't just reflected in our meal delivery service - it's also demonstrated by the quality ingredients we use in every single meal. Not only that, but we are passionate about sourcing and providing sustainable food whilst demonstrating environmental awareness. This includes our partnership with BioPak, who produce and provide all of our recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. At Diets 2 Go, we believe that every company should take action when it comes to doing their bit for the environment. One of the main environmental issues is currently plastic pollution - it's an issue that unites us all, and it's a problem that needs to be addressed. With this in mind, we've put the necessary steps in place to become a plastic-free business. By doing so, we're increasing our sustainability whilst helping our customers to do so. Meal preps can sometimes use a lot of plastic for their storage, but here at Diets 2 Go, we offer an eco-friendly alternative. So, when you choose us as your meal prep provider, you're working towards a healthier planet as well as a healthier you!

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We offer an unrivalled menu that no other prep company can match; with a vast array of original nutritional dishes that are organically prepared, you can follow a delicious plan tailored to your diet goals and nutritional preferences. What's even more amazing is the diverse skillset of our highly-qualified chefs who prepare and offer dishes from around the world. We pack nutrients into every recipe, keeping them free from preservatives but full of flavour. From creating mild, subtle infusions to adding one of our unique sauces, we're always keen on incorporating spices, seasoning and herbs that provide you with a taste sensation.

There's a common misconception that having a healthy diet means eating boring and dull food that compromises taste. If you come to Diets2Go for your meal prep, you'll know that this belief is just a myth. Forget bland supermarket ready meals and boring frozen meals, we can provide delicious options with organic ingredients tailored exactly to your goals. Whether you're calorie counting, managing your portion sizes, looking to drop dress sizes, or you're on a weight management programme to build muscle, our healthy food delivery service at Diets2Go will help you to achieve it.

From breakfast to dinner, Diets2Go can help you fuel your body with goodness in each of our delicious meal prep portions. Are you ready to start your journey to a happier and healthier you and feel the benefits that our wide range of fresh meals and food delivery service can provide? Decide on your plan and order your meal prep now for fresh fitness food straight to your door for your convenience!

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Celebrities at Diets 2 Go

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    Great food, helped me stay on track during my camp ready for my upcoming fight

    Carl frampton

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    Great delivery service, calorie counts are sorted for my new training goals

    Bradley Wiggins

  • Icon

    Shout out diets2go, you have me looking strong. Love, respect and blessings your food is incredible

    Bugzy malone

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    Highly recommend any mums to be. They have so many variations of food to fit everyone's health needs and the food is genuinely really tasty and very fresh. I also like that you can scan these meals right into Myfitnesspal to track your macros

    Amanda finney

Excellent Trustpilot 5 star rating

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  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    I've used these guys since their early days, along with various training periods. They seem to be a growing company, and I glad to see recently, that although their customer base may have increased, the service and quality is still there. Great tasting meals, delivered on time, varied menu....can't fault this company, and I've tried lots of them, always come back to Diets2go!!


    9th October

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    Had a lovely takeout today from diets2go. So nice to have a local, fresh, healthy meal prepped so quickly! I will definitely be back!


    12th October

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    I have been buying meals from Diets2go past 4 months. The food is delicious which makes my diet and lifestyle change very bearable. Food is not bland from the menus I choose. I love my meals and to be honest I have seen the result with inches off me as I become toner. Thank you so much.

    Sasathorn Chutimaworaphan

    9th October

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    Stunning flavoursome food not like boring old meal preps this is the meal prep of all meal preps 100% recommend you won’t be disappointed

    Tasha Kiran

    21st September

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    What a fantastic and well priced service. The food is really good, like really really good. Service is excellent, can not rate them highly enough.


    18th September

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    Everyone must give the meal preps a go!!! Full of flavour. Great customer service and well priced. Would highly recommend!

    Megan Mckeown

    18 September

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    Food was spot on, lots of flavour and seasoning. I have tired many different Meal Prep services but this by far has to be my favourite one. You 100% get your moneys worth.

    Jamie Rohman

    18 September

  • Trustpilot 5 star rating

    Excellent company been with them for over 2 years and the meals are great and really healthy and well made.

    Nadim Majid

    17 September

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